Back to Basics: Design Tricks for Studio-Type Spaces

studio-type space

Studio-type apartments pose one challenge: space constraints. Most, if not all, are too small to fit all your belongings. This can be an issue, even if you are living solo.

Still, it’s possible to work with whatever you have. According to Keystone Property Solutions, you can redesign your studio-type apartment and turn it into your finest living space with the following tricks:

Think practically

When working with limited space, you have to think in a very practical way. This means saying no to most – not all – decorative pieces and focusing on the functional ones, such as beds, tables, and other double-duty furniture. It’s okay to have bulky furniture around the house, but limit them and place them in areas where they can be functional. Include corners, nooks, and crannies in your design process to maximize every square meter.

Declutter everything

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten up and spruce up your apartment is to get rid of all the junk. Yes, your things accumulate over time, but not everything you have is something that you still use or want. A clean house always appears larger. For more tips on this subject, this blog post expounds on the value of sorting your things – plus it also lists some other useful hacks for small, cramped spaces.

Create zones

A studio-type space without any form of zoning would appear flat and boring. When you want to take things up a notch, create partitions and boundaries. This doesn’t mean building walls, but rather employing different design tricks to define boundaries.

For one, you can adopt a floating seating arrangement to separate the “living room” from the rest of the apartment. Curtains and drapes also create boundaries without blocking light or cramming the space. Open shelving also works to your advantage.

With these design tricks, you can surely make the most of your studio apartment. Redesign your space so you can enjoy it more.

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