Assets that Help Secure a Loan

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When you are eyeing a secured loan in the UK or anywhere in the world, you would need an asset or two that will be the lender’s “security.” A collateral goes a long way in reducing the interest rate you have to face once the loan is approved.

Here are some assets you could leverage to secure that loan:


Your home can be the ticket for extra finances, as the equity in a property can help you through a home equity loan or cash out refinance. Consider your estate’s value before you make a deal with a lender to be sure of its correct price.


There are many ways that your car could grant you access to additional funds. Auto refinancing is an option many have used to get some cash from the lender, as cars have decent value that can serve as good collateral.

Savings Account

Some do not know how a savings account can be the security of a loan and line of credit. It is easy to budget monthly payments with a fixed term, fixed rate loan.

Your valuable assets could guarantee you an approved loan, as a secured loan earns a relatively lower interest rate because the lender has a form of safety net in the form of collateral.