Are Hardwood Floors and Dogs Really a Bad Combination?

Hardwood Floor

When you have a dog, keeping your hardwood flooring in top condition may be a challenge. According to, your canine friend’s pointed claws, coupled with their tendency to run around, may heavily gouge and scratch the wood over time. Having a dog and maintaining your flooring at the same time, however, isn’t impossible when you put some safety measures in place.

Use the Most Durable Wood Possible

While style is vital in hardwood flooring, you should also consider the durability of your flooring material as well, especially when you have an active dog or puppy at home. When deciding which hardwood you should purchase, ask the contractor for the Janka Rating of the wood and obtain wood that is sturdier than average. This way, the wood will have a better chance of withstanding any scratches from your dog.

Clip Your Dog’s Nails

It’s a good practice to clip your dog’s nails regularly. As an added bonus, clipped paw nails are also less likely to irreversibly damage the finish of your hardwood floors. You can also take this a step further by attaching nail caps, which are harmless but very durable nail shields for your dogs. Check with your local veterinarian if you want to use these caps on your dog.

Train Your Dog

The likelihood of damaging your floor is higher if your dogs run fast and free around your home. Thus, the best course of action would be to train them to walk when inside the house. You can even take it up a notch by placing a couple of wide rags on your hardwood floors. If you don’t have any large rags to spare, opt to establish “dog free” areas in your house.

Hardwood floors and dogs can go well together for as long as you apply ample preventive measures on both the wood and your dog. This way, you keep your hardwood floor in top condition while enjoying time with your canine friend.