An Unlikely Fascination Towards Downdraft Tables

Woodworking and carpentry businesses face dust and related elements every time they have to finish a certain project. These elements may be an essential part of their business, but they cause a negative impact towards the health of their workers. Fortunately, the industry was able to address this problem by developing air quality equipment, such as the downdraft table, which collects dust.

Indoor Workplaces

Dual Draw explains that indoor workstations require a clean air environment free from toxins and dust to ensure that the workers inside are safe. Downdraft tables come in an array of layout and designs, so businesses can choose one that includes the basics of a table layout.


When selecting the shape and design of a downdraft table, businesses must base what they want according to the kind of material they will be managing and their work atmosphere. Their interior tables should have good insulation that can gather dust, smoke, or metal leftover from projects. To collect the elements, the device uses a built-in ventilation system to rid the air of toxic dust or particles before letting the air recirculate into the atmosphere.


Downdraft tables incorporate a blower below the surface of the table to suck in the air. It comes with an opening on the surface to control the power level of the suction. The table will trap the air that enters in a sealed space to prevent dust and debris from escaping. While the blower sucks in the air, the ventilation system will filter it to get rid of toxic particles, debris, chemical and dust. After the air passes through the system, the purely clean air will then return to the atmosphere.

This furniture and dust collection system is the key to creating a safer workplace. It does not only ensure productivity, but also a healthier industry.