Agriculture 101: Farming Tips for Beginners

A land used for farming

Imagine owning a piece of land and planting crops that you would eventually consume. Not only does it save you the time and money of not going to the market, but you can also assure yourself that what you are eating is fresh. You can also earn from your farm.

All these are possible if you know the right farming techniques. While experience will tell you which power harrows for sale to purchase and which ones not to, it will also teach the things that you ought to do should an emergency in your farmland happens.

But, as a new farmer, you must know the basics of farming, and building your foundational knowledge when it comes to the craft is a must.

Choose your method

Tilling is an essential process in farming. Preparing your land starts by preparing your soil and there are various ways to do so.

  • Hand tilled. Manual hand tilling using a rake or other instruments is the oldest form of soil preparation. Hand tilling is best used in gardens or lands that are not too huge.
  • Machine tilled. The use of power harrows and rototillers helps farmers all over the world get the job done properly and easily. You can use farming machines are to cultivate vast areas of lands, as well as for certain types of crops.
  • No-till. You need healthy soil to produce good crops. Improper or too much tilling can strip the land of the nutrients required for farming. Therefore, some farmers opt to not till their soil in hopes of retaining all the nutrients that the crop needs.

Know your soil type

There are various kinds of soil, and your choice would depend on your farming style and your crop. Familiarising yourself with the different types can make it easier for you to grow various produce and employ different farming techniques easily.

Are you planning to go into the farming business? Educating yourself and topping it with actual farming experience is a good start.