Advantages of Above Ground Storage Tanks

Suburban Water tank 1

Safety should be the number one priority when choosing the type of storage container for oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products. The most common type is an underground storage tank, but a leak can contaminate not just the surrounding area but also the underground drinking water.

Above ground oil tanks minimize this risk, which is why many are choosing this over the traditional underground storage tanks. Here are some more reasons to install an above ground storage tank.

It allows easy inspection.

It is hard to inspect underground storage tanks for signs of damage or corrosion. Leaks can happen without being detected for a very long time. The only way homeowners or business owners notice that they have a leaking tank is when the oil is already soaking the ground, but there is already contamination at this point. With an above ground tank, you get to spot early warning signs of corrosion or any damage, so you can have it fixed or replaced before anything disastrous happens.

It is easier to maintain.

Obviously, unearthing a buried tank for maintenance, repairs, or replacements is not an easy task. It will require costly efforts because of all the manpower needed. This is not the case with an above ground tank. You can repaint, repair, or replace it anytime you want without much difficulty. It is also easier to relocate the tanks should the need arise.

It can last longer.

The moisture found in the soil, as well as its acidity level, can speed up the corrosion of a tank. The fact that above ground tanks are not exposed to these factors contributes to their longer lifespan.

In case of a storage tank leak, the property owner is required to clean up all contaminated areas, including other affected private properties. Aside from the cleaning costs, you may also be expected to pay penalties set by the government for such occurrences. These are all costs that you could easily prevent with early detection.