Add Elegance to Your Home with Timber Windows

timber woodsTimber shutters are manufactured from different materials, ranging from natural timber to synthetic ones. Each material has its own characteristics, be it warmth, durability, colour, grain pattern, or sustainability in special environments.

The following are some of the characteristics of timber shutters:

  • Materials for timber shutters are sourced from special hardwood trees grown specifically for manufacturing blinds and shutters.
  • These are then kiln dried to absorb the moisture before being converted onto shutters. Quarter-sawn timbers are used for making natural timber shutters that are twisting, cupping and warping proof. Parallel cuts are made on the log’s modularly rays, giving the wood stability and strength.
  • But, natural timber shutters are costlier, and you have to make a reasonable investment to get their value. House builders also prefer timber shutters because they help keep the house cool during the hot summer months as compared to glass or other window types.
  • Among all the materials used for timber shutters, wood lore is the most preferred. These tend to be extremely hardy and resist scratches and knocks well. These are also reasonably priced.
  • Certain shutters are manufactured with Tasmanian Oak, and these may be polished or stained to match existing wooden furniture and fittings in the house.
  • You can also use white teak, and this is the best timber option because of the wide range of stains, finishes and paints available. The wood for these shutters is brought in from forests that have sustainable regrowth and are found in the periphery of Solomon Islands.
  • Basswood is another material for manufacturing timber shutters, but this is around 35 per cent less sustainable than white teak wood. You can also stain, paint and finish this in a number of ways.
  • Timber shutters may be configured as Sliding or Bypass, Hinged, Folding, French door, Fixed and Void. You also have the Easy Tilt with a system that involves a tilt rod system that gets hidden. Then, there are the offset tilt-rod and centre options.

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