A Splash of Colour for Each Room in the House

Colourful living room

Forget neutrals. In Wellington, people enjoy their houses with a little more character. This means going with bold options whenever you can. Who says you can’t have a house that shows your bold personality? Consider these fun and funky options for each room:

Orange Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the fun rooms to design in your house. There are many elements in the kitchen, including fruits, vegetables, and spices that come in all colours. You can choose apple green for a refreshing take on food preparation, but you can also go with a festive orange for an appetizing adventure. Painters in Wellington can also hand-mix a specific colour to match your furniture just right.

Blue Living Room

If you’re a fan of the nautical design, a blue living room is ideal for you. Pair the cool colour with white for a striped theme that’s unmistakably nautical. You can also choose furniture with various shades of blue and green to mimic the sea. Feel free to add a few anchors and seashells in the decor. Framed family photos can have seashells on them.

You can also use wooden pallets as additional style elements. This look will be even better if your house has sliding doors that open onto the verandah, where wicker chairs contribute to the breezy theme, as well.

Green Hallways

You need pockets of green in your home to make it more relaxing. Of course, you can position potted plants on hallways instead of painting the walls green, but why not do both? You can get the benefits of houseplants, plus the refreshing effects of the colour itself if you choose a cool shade for the hallways. Because everyone walks the halls, they can all enjoy the inspiring colour.

Who wouldn’t want a house that speaks their language? If yours is the language of being bold and fearless, these colour choices are certainly for you.