A Guide to Choosing Liquid Storage Tanks

Quality and value are the main driving forces when it comes to choosing the proper liquid storage containment. With progress in construction strategies, coating procedures, engineering design, fabrication technology, and even API 653 tank unit alteration, some storage products are already outdated.

On the other hand, some have exceeded field performance and product development. The method of choosing wastewater or water storage tanks begins with a set of considerations and questions. This is one of the primary issues faced in liquid storage containment function.

Field performance requirements

Most of the time, people base the tank selection process on a favored construction type instead of considering field performance prerequisites. When analyzing several kinds of tank construction, always begin with it.

Field performance requirements help you describe the value attributes of every kind of tank construction. For most situations, an examination of life cycle costs and value attributes will simplify and guide the selection method.

What you should consider

Below are the basic application considerations that you should prepare for each liquid storage tank use:

  • Should you get performance warranty and agreement requirements?

· What are the foundation requirements? These can range from steel bottom with external saddles, concrete slab, base setting ring, and concrete ring wall with compacted fill.

· Should you adhere to the cathodic protection and corrosion allowance requirements?

· Is the configuration type elevated, sloped bottom or flat bottom?

· What is the interface responsibility or system requirement?

· What kind of construction materials should you use?

· What should be the temperature and PH of the stored liquid?

· Is there a particular storage process requirement, such as pressure, digester, or agitation?

Keep in mind that you do not really need to have all the answers, but you are required to get the advice of a trustworthy containment or storage specialist. Once you got the basics managed, you can then narrow down the selection for customer preference and review.