A Focal Point for Local SEO: Where to Publish Content

Local SEO

Content is king, especially if you are trying to rank for locally relevant results. Writing about local events or discussing the state of your industry in the context of your current area are good tactics that can have you reigning supreme in local search results. This, however, is only the first half of the process.

Knowing where to publish location-specific content is equally important. You have to distribute your content and make sure it reaches a range of locally appropriate sources. Digital marketing specialists from PR Caffeine list down some strategic channels you can harness:

Local News Sites

Publishing content in local news sites offers many benefits. First, people behind these pages are always on the lookout for news, so your content is more likely to be posted here compared to news sites that cover national news. Another advantage is that they are more authoritative than most other places where you can post content.

Now, you may have to be a bit more meticulous as to the format of your content; you have to follow what your chosen news site recommends. Some sites publish only press releases from businesses; others accept more types of content, such as info graphics and blog posts.

Local Message Boards and Forums

It is highly likely that your city has a dedicated forum for marketing purposes. By posting in these channels, you do more than endorsing your products or services; you’re also educating your target audience.

These pages may not always be authoritative, so be extra cautious where you post. Keep in mind also that forums usually have a niche focus, so your business may not be a fit for the websites you will visit. Choose only the community pages that are relevant for your business, so you can avoid link-based penalties and annoyed readers.

Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for content syndication, but more importantly, they are a useful vessel for your location-specific content. Make sure to share any new blog posts or news updates on social media, too.

On top of that, share content from other local businesses. More likely, they will do the same for you, giving you more chances to expand your network of contacts. This increases your local relevance, which helps expand the reach of your content.

Consider these channels when publishing geo-specific content. Remember, it’s not just about what you publish, but also where you post that matters.

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