A Better Form Of Learning: How 3D Printing Benefits Students In 4 Ways

Making a golf ball using 3D printer

Today’s teachers would love what 3D printing can bring in school. This technology uses materials made of plastic or metal to create an actual object based on a computer image. For example, one can make a box with just a 3D printer, 3D printing material, and a computer, instead of having to sculpt a box from wood or a similar manual process.

Here are the specific benefits of 3D printing for schools.

1. Physics

Teachers can use 3D-printed models of certain scientific concepts to teach their physics lessons better. Models of atoms, machines, or buildings can be made with the printing process. Because 3D-printed uses images from a computer, teachers around the globe can share designs via the internet.

2. Geography

Geographical maps can be made with 3D printing as well, with an accuracy that could match that of traditionally made ones. Like the former, these 3D-printed maps could show typical features such as legends, landmarks, info about each region, and the like.

3. Art

Art classes could also benefit from this technology, in that teachers can have 3D-printed replicas of iconic sculptures made. Other artwork could also be rendered by the 3D printer, which would allow students to study and critique the artwork without having to see the real one.

4. Biology

Lastly, biology instructors can use 3D printing to have anatomical models created. These replicas are of the human body, but animal figures could also be made. Doing so would allow students to study skeletal, muscular, and other systems of the creature that the model is based on.

A Better Form Of Learning

To sum things up, 3D printing has become a sought-after technology due to its promising applications in many fields. One such area would be the academe, in which teachers could take advantage of the printing process to better teach their lessons. With 3D-printed physics structures, geographical maps, artistic sculptures, or anatomical models, schools would have a better form of learning for its students.