7 Things You Need to Check Before Renting Equipment

Renting Equipment

Large-scale real estate or construction projects definitely require heavy equipment such as lorry crane services. Unfortunately, more often than not, these gigantic tools are not within your arsenal of gadgets. Buying them is, of course, an option, albeit an expensive one. The only other reasonable course of action would be to rent one.

Fortunately, most specialty retail companies and hardware stores have these kinds of services available, exactly for this kind of need. You’re not just limited to construction equipment, either; you may even borrow plumbing tools or garden essentials. But, before you commit to any service provider, there are a few things you need to consider first. Wong Fong Engineering shares some of them below:

  1. Do they allow reservations? Ask if the company offers the option to pay in advance and have the equipment delivered through online confirmation.
  2. Do they ask for security deposits? Based on how long you’ll be using the equipment (or how much it costs), the company may or may not ask for a deposit that covers a percentage of the equipment’s total value –an insurance policy of sorts.
  3. Does this include extra charges? Examples are fuel sub-charges, insurance against theft or damage or environmental charges, and may either be mandatory or optional.
  4. Does the company offer training courses regarding proper operation of the machines? Some companies offer the option to train you in the proper handling and operating of heavy equipment.
  5. Are you required to conduct maintenance operations on the product? Your contract may include repairs and maintenance as part of your responsibilities upon rental.
  6. Do you understand the rules in your area regarding the use of heavy equipment? To avoid incurring penalties or finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, be sure to get a clear understanding of what’s allowed and what isn’t.
  7. Do they have good customer service? You’ll never know when you might need assistance. Make sure this is something the company can provide.

As long as these seven factors are accounted for, go ahead and rent equipment with confidence.

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