6 People You’re Bound to Bump Into at the Office Party

Office parties

Office parties, whether for business or pleasure, are always a great chance for employees to get to know each other beyond the confines of their workstations and the break room.

More than meeting quotas, achieving goals, and outdoing the competition, office parties rank pretty high on the list of things employees look forward to at work. In Australia, people often get their party on during the holidays, and this continues well after Australia Day, as a lot of holidays are lined up.

Before booking that function room in Brisbane for your party, it’s a good idea to prepare for your colleagues’ hidden sides. No matter where you work or what you do, there are always some types of people you’re bound to bump into at office parties.

1. The Workaholic

“So, how about those unreasonable requests from that client?” or “How are you doing with your spreadsheet?” are the usual conversation starters for this type of partygoer.

While work-related conversations are completely logical to talk about, it’s party time. Sometimes, what happens in the office should stay in the office.

2. The Drunk

This is almost inevitable. Everyone’s having fun and letting loose, so it’s easy to spend too much time sitting near the open bar. Sooner or later, someone is bound to down too many Jägerbombs.

This often makes for one helluva morning-after story during lunchbreak, especially if you’re not that person.

3. The Ghost

They are the ones who you forget actually work in the office, on the same floor. It’s not that you hate them, it’s just that there’s something about them you’re not totally comfortable with. Hence, you’d prefer the moments of awkward silence rather than strike up a conversation.

4. The Drama King/Queen

No festive occasion passes without one person getting into a tearful, shouting match or talk with someone. In their defence, they probably kept those feelings buried for so long.

5. The BFF Hunter

This is arguably everyone’s favourite person at the party. They’ll be all up in your business, but their well-meaning effort deserves applause.

6. The Dark Horse

They’re your colleagues who stay quiet all-year round, but when the party gets started, you’d be surprised at the amazing things they can apparently do. No one even probably knows that they can handle a lot of alcohol, that they can sing well, or that they’re part of a band.

When office party season is here, beware of these strange creatures who will likely be roaming the streets (or the office hallways).

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