5 Signs That Your Marriage is Headed for a Divorce

Lawyer with a couple

If you feel like your relationship is headed for failure, you’re not alone. Two-thirds of marriages end in divorce, which leaves only 60% of people in happy marriages. Once you decide to file for a divorce, you can consult divorce lawyers in Summit County, CO who will help you address the legal aspects of separation. Here are some of the common signs of an unhealthy marriage:

You’re no longer happy

People who are in good marriages have peace of mind and feel secure in their union. They may have disagreements every so often, but most of the time, their relationship is fine and they are responsive to any feedback from their partner.

In contrast, dysfunctional relationships are often characterized by frequent fighting that goes unresolved, and a constant breach of a partner’s trust.

You often have negative interaction

Once you observe that your interaction with each other mostly results in shouting and dispute, it could be a sign that the relationship is bound to end in divorce. This is not to say that every fight is indicative of a failing relationship because even happy couples get into disagreements.

According to marriage researcher John Gottman, the difference between happy and dysfunctional relationships is the balance in the negative and positive interactions. Individuals who are in happy relationships have a 20:1 interaction ratio, which means that for every negative interaction, 20 positive interactions can happen. Unhappy couples, on the other hand, have a 5:1 ratio while those nearing divorce have an interaction ratio of 08:1.

You avoid bonding with your partner

Happy couples always say they cannot wait to get home to give their partner a kiss or just tell them about their day. However, if you notice that you stay out of the house to avoid interacting with your partner, it can be a signal that the romance is dwindling as you begin to lose interest in your partner.

You receive advice to leave your partner

If your family members or friends share with you negative things they observe about your partner and you find yourself agreeing to most of their observations, then it may be time to consider whether you should strive to save the marriage or set yourself free. The opinion of your friends and family matters because they have your best interest at heart.

Your intuition is telling you to file for divorce

Listening to your gut has many potential benefits as it serves as the voice of caution to save you from tricky situations. If you do not want to rely solely on your guts in making a decision, consult with a professional who can help you decide if you should file for divorce.

If you feel that it’s not worth saving your marriage, then go ahead and file for a divorce. Find a reliable lawyer, so you won’t feel burdened even more with the process.