5 Signs You are a Rude Skier


While most people on the snow trails understand how important skiing etiquette is, there are some who do not. Whether it is due to arrogance or ignorance, these rude skiers are a liability to the ones around them. If you do not want to spoil the fun for everyone else, here is a list of the things you need to avoid.

1. Putting other skiers at risk – This is easily the worst thing you can do on a trail. It is one thing to get injured over your own recklessness and foolishness, but it is something else entirely when you put other people in danger too. Whizzing past beginners at ridiculously fast speeds and cutting in front of people on the slopes are the classic examples of this behaviour.

2. Tackling difficult slopes – Challenging yourself is fine, but many people have unrealistic views of their own limits. Snowscene says that skiers should always be aware of their skill level, and compare it to the difficulty of any resort or trail. There is no shame in sticking to beginner slopes, but it is rude and dangerous to pretend to be more skilled than you actually are.

3. Poor group communication – If you ski with family or friends, do not be the person that refuses to keep in touch with the rest of their group. There are often one or two people that do not alert their companions if they are going to be late after arranging to meet at a certain time and place, either due to laziness or because they forgot to bring a cell phone or walkie talkie.

4. Cutting lines – The age old classic, many young and brash skiers will find ways to cut in line for tickets, lifts, and even food. Letting the rest of your group sneak into your place in the line is still up for debate; some say it is always unacceptable, while others say that one or two extra people that you know would be fine.

5.Smoking on the gondola – It’s shocking that there are some people that have the nerve to do this, but it happens more often than you might think. The gondola is an enclosed space, and there are a lot of you packed into it with little room to move, making it impossible for them to avoid your second-hand smoke. The other passengers probably won’t push you off, but there is no reason to tempt them either.

Remember, you are not the only one there to have fun. Everyone else is likely on vacation, and they expect other skiers to act with a certain level of politeness and respect.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Not to be judgemental, but it is almost always the new folk that act like this. Bunch of college kids on their first trip, likely on their parents’ cash too. They have no idea how to act around other skiers, or simply do not care. Complaining to management never does anything either, so we simply have to endure their presence.

    • I would have to disagree. I’ve seen plenty of rude skiers of every age, and the older ones have even less of an excuse really. Still, it is true that the best skiers NEVER act like this; they are always the friendliest, most well-mannered people you will ever meet. I guess it is easier to act civilised when you have nothing to prove.

  2. Seriously? People smoke in the gondolas? How dreadful of a person do you have to be to subject others to the fumes of your cancer sticks, especially in such a tight space? Thankfully I have never experienced this, but it would be nearly impossible to control my temper if it ever does happen.


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