5 Maintenance Tips for Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Systems Outside Home

So, you bought an industrial air compressor and you learned that one of the ways to maintain it is to conduct regular maintenance. Well, you may be familiar with the idea that, ideally, that is usually a preventative measure to avoid high repair costs.

But are you aware of how you should go about maintaining your industrial compressed air system? Here are five ideas to help with that:

1. Turn the System Off

Switching off your system when you are not using it will help you save more on energy costs. It will likewise protect the parts of the compressed air systems from unnecessary work; therefore, extending their life.

2. Fix Air Leaks

When your air compression system begins to leak, it is likely to experience problems of unbalanced pressure and capacity issues. Leaks are responsible for the loss of more than half of an air compression system’s output.

3. Reuse Heat Energy

Typically, all compressors generate heat during their operations. So, think of creative ways to use this heat. One of the most practical ways is to redirect it to warming specific rooms or heat water within your facility.

4. Replace Old Filters

After your system runs for a long time, the filters will get dirty and it will need to work harder to deliver the same level of efficiency and comfort. That overworks the parts of the compressed air systems, making them more likely to wear out fast.

5. Stick to the Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance Routine

When buying compressed air systems, you will see a manual with instructions on how to use the equipment appropriately. Follow the instructions carefully to know how often you should maintain your system.

It is important to maintain your industrial air compressor so that it will serve you for many years. Skipping routine maintenance practices will leave you spending more on repairing your equipment and replacing parts. That is costly and could cause delays in your operations.