4 Things That Can Help Increase the Value of Your Australian Home

Garage Opener Remote

The housing market in Australia has been complicated recently. If you want to sell your home, you need to do more than repairs. You may have to upgrade it to increase the value of your property and sell it more quickly. But what should you change?


A garage is the quickest way to increase your square footage and, in turn, ask for a higher price. Besides, the need for it is there. Australia has about 18 million registered vehicles as of 2016, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It can also make your home extra attractive to buyers since they can use it beyond storing their cars. They can convert it into an extra room or a storage area. It can even be used as a home office (and many businesses have begun in garages, literally). Add some tech like a programmable garage opener remote, and you can expect a good buyer turnout with this upgrade alone.


Australians love home-cooked meals, so give them an awesome kitchen. Know, though, the amount of attention your kitchen will get depends on which territory you are. A Slater & Gordon report states West Australians and Queenslanders may not be as keen to a great kitchen than those in New South Wales and Victoria.

West-Facing Bedroom

There are many considerations when it comes to bedrooms, and interestingly it includes where it’s facing. As much as possible, bedrooms should be facing west so they’re likely to stay warm most times of the year.

Natural Light Sources

Natural light makes a home not only beautiful but also energy efficient, especially during the winter. To invite more of it to your house – and sell the property ASAP – change small windows to big ones or consider adding skylights.

While these upgrades cost something, they also give you a better chance of commanding a bigger price and profit. In the end, it’s a win-win for you.