4 Surprising Facts Every Woman Should Know About Miscarriage

pregnant healthAnyone who has ever suffered miscarriage understands that it is a very difficult time, in the same way that it is a confusing time. You feel the loneliness of losing your beloved child, and you can trade anything in the world to know why and how it happened.

It’s not always easy to know the exact reason for a miscarriage, but these facts can help you get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Bleeding Does Not Always Mean a Miscarriage

Bleeding, especially during the early stages of a pregnancy, is a sign of miscarriage. It isn’t always the case, though—even if the blood is red and heavy.

If you are in the early stages of your pregnancy, perhaps in the first trimester, your doctor should run blood tests and ultrasound scans. If you are bleeding during the next trimesters, call your doctor right away.

It’s Possible to Have a Miscarriage without Symptoms

Sometimes, when the baby stops growing, there are no obvious signs that you are having a miscarriage. You’ll only discover the loss during your routine checkup—or if the baby’s heartbeat is no longer audible in a Doppler.

An Ectopic Pregnancy is Not Always a Medical Emergency

It’s true that an ectopic pregnancy is an emergency. If your gynecologist diagnoses it early enough and you do not seem to be at risk of a rupture, fortunately, the situation may not be so serious.

You can simply monitor the hCG levels and see if it looks like the pregnancy is ending naturally. The treatment can also be a medication to end the pregnancy on an outpatient basis.

Doctors Cannot Diagnose a Miscarriage in a Single Day

In most cases, doctors confirming a miscarriage may take up to a week. You might need to undergo a series of blood tests and ultrasound scans spaced in several days. This lets the doctor get enough information about your pregnancy, and if it is developing properly.

Having a better understanding of miscarriages will help you make informed decisions when it comes to your pregnancy.

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