4 Reasons Your Site Fails to Earn You Money


A website is an asset that – by default – should bring in revenue to a business. If your site fails to do this, there’s probably something wrong with the way you do digital marketing. The whole problem boils down to one or more reasons that hold back your site from reaching its peak earning potential.

But, what are these reasons? The experts say these four are the common culprits:

Poor Design Choices

The most common web design mistakes could be the reason your site doesn’t convert enough people. Users spend less than a second to decide whether or not a site is trustworthy. If your audience doesn’t see your site as credible, they would move on to another – most likely, your competitor below your entry in the SERPs.

Consequently, it could also boil down to a matter of usability. If the users feel the site is too difficult to navigate, they would look for a site that features a simpler design. The same logic applies to websites that don’t have a responsive design for mobile devices.

Real and Social Weather

The seasons do influence buyer behavior. Seasonal changes are easy to predict and are an obvious income-hampering factor, but the social weather can also come into play. Take for example the situation of a travel company. Only a few people would book flights to places that have ongoing conflicts, disease outbreaks, or other major problems.

SEO Micromanagement

Every company that offers private label SEO services, such as seoresellerprogram.com, has its own set of practices in going about a campaign. The last thing you should do is be on top of everything trying to micromanage it. Let the experts do the work and the results would follow through. Trust the people you pay for to keep your ranking in the SERPs within the first page.

Unreliable Service Availability

The availability of your product or service is also an issue. Whenever your website experiences a downtime, that’s money down the drain right there. Your business has to stay up and running, otherwise it would not be as profitable as it could be.

Seeing any of the four in your website is a bad thing. Address the issue and see your returns improve.

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