4 Reasons You Will Love Hardwood Flooring

Man placing hardwood floor boards

When building your dream home, one of the essential things you need to consider is what type of flooring will go well with its overall design. Hardwood flooring is among the most popular flooring types among homeowners in Santa Ana. Main Street Kitchen & Flooring shares some of its many advantages:

1. Low Maintenance

Unlike carpets, hardwood floors don’t attract a lot of allergens, dust, dirt, and other debris. They are also very easy to clean, only requiring sweeping, vacuuming, or dry mopping weekly. Hardwoods are also more resistant to stains than other flooring types.

2. Strength and Durability

Another characteristic that many homeowners like about hardwood flooring is its durability, as it takes a lot to damage high-quality hardwood floors. And even if they do get damaged, scratched, dented, scraped, or scuffed, it only takes a spot cleaning or refinishing to remove the mark. This makes them a good long-term investment. With proper care, they may even last a lifetime.

3. Cost-Effective

It might seem contradicting to think of hardwood floors as cost-effective due to its high initial cost. Yes, it’s true that hardwood floors are more expensive than most other flooring materials, but their strength, durability, and longevity help lower maintenance costs in the long run. For example, carpets, laminates, and tiles will have to be replaced eventually, but hardwood only needs to be refinished if it gets damaged. This way, you get to avoid expensive flooring replacement costs.

4. Improved Acoustics and Indoor Air Quality

Vibrations or hollow sounds can sometimes occur in enclosed spaces. This can get quite annoying, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a movie with your family. Wood floors are known to help improve the acoustics of a room. They also don’t have fibers like with carpets, as well as grout lines and embossing just like with tiles and laminates. For these reasons, wood floors are less likely to trap allergens in your home, which greatly improves your indoor air quality.

On top of all these benefits, hardwood flooring can also add value to your home. So when the time comes that you want to sell your house, you can expect potential buyers to pay more for your home. It’s definitely a worthy investment, isn’t it?