4 Important Tips for Staying Safe at Construction Sites

Construction workers checking their plan

Working on a construction site is definitely not easy, as it can get stressful and tiring. You’d have to deal with the heat of the sun, operate heavy equipment, talk to nut and bolt suppliers, and do so much more. Of course, there’s also the stress of making sure that you’re safe on site. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

How do you actually keep yourself safe from all the dangers that could take place on the construction site? Here are some of the most common safety tips you can follow:

Fall Protection Systems

Never work in an area where fall protection systems have yet been installed. Before you start working, inspect personal fall arrest systems to make sure they’re working and free of any type of damage. Lastly, check the length of your lanyard since this should have the correct length to protect you if ever you fall.

The Gear

This is by far the most important of them all. Remember to wear your hard hats, so you’re protected from falling debris. Non-skid boots are also important since these will protect you from sliding through an open building.

Know the Rules

Every worker needs to undergo an orientation and training before they start working on site. Listen to each rule and regulation. If possible, memorise them by heart and make sure you apply each of them to keep yourself safe while working.

Eye Protection

Clean the personal protective equipment (PPE) you use for your eye and face before working to prevent it from hindering your sight. They should also fit you well, so they won’t interfere with your movements.

For employers, it’s always important to create a working environment wherein everyone is safe and protected. Check the equipment every once in a while and have a safety contractor visit your site to make sure that everything is in its proper place.