4 Fashion No-No’s Men Easily Make

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There is no shame in making a fashion flub every now and then. Even people with the greatest fashion sense make them. But too much of those fashion mistakes can break your career or your social life.

Below are some fashion blunders you should avoid to become a well-dressed gent.

Wearing Ill-Fitting Clothes

Most men wear ill-fitting clothes that are baggy in all the wrong places. They tend to go one size larger because they think loose threads look better than fitted ones. The truth is that body-skimming clothes are more flattering, even on larger built men; however, “body skimming” is not synonymous with “skin tight”.

Too Long Trousers

Men are huge and repeat offenders when it comes to trouser length. Too many wear trousers that are too long for them, as they overcompensate for the other areas of their body.

In reality, fabric pooling around the feet looks a little too sloppy and quickly kills the look, no matter how greatly put the outfit is.

Terrible Sunglasses

Men need to stop wearing the wrong sunglasses — particularly the Oakley-style frameless one that suggests they have just been windsurfing. Those sunglasses come in a range of colours and tints that sometimes just do not work and only looks ridiculous when worn on a casual day.

5 Pointz and other frontrunners in men’s fashion suggests wearing more stylish looking pairs, such as the Crooks and Castles Ladron Sunglasses or any other with the same style.

Being Too Monochromatic in Colour Choices

Most men go for the safer blues or blacks when it comes to their clothing choices. You also need to explore about colours, because it is not something to shy away from. These days, it is all about colour blocking and colourful prints.

You will find a range of prints, including floral teals and Aztecs from brands like 10 Deep and Black Scale.

Step out of your comfort zone, embrace a different mindset, and spend your hard-earned cash on good, stylish, and well-fitting clothes, and you will be on the road to style success.

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