4 Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Juvederm

Close-up of eye with crow's feet wrinkles

Juvederm is the preferred choice of dermal fillers by many because it can help you bring that youthful glow back. Here are facts you need to know about this popular dermal product.

More than a Beauty Product

Juvederm here in Utah is widely for various facial cosmetic treatments like wrinkle reduction and minimizing lines. Popular procedures include filling loose or sagging skin, treating scars caused by acne, and reshaping the lips and the nose.

Though this is what it’s normally for, doctors also use it for treating a medical condition called lipodystrophy and for correcting unevenness on the skin from a previous surgery or from skin grafting procedures.

Long Lasting Effect

This dermal filler is popular for its lasting natural-looking results and can last for six months or up to two years, depending on the dosage and the treatment done.

Most patients see continuous improvement throughout the course of the treatment as the filler addresses the cause and aids in the production of natural skin cell renewing components, allowing the skin to regain its natural youthful glow.

Safe to Use

Juvederm is one of the safest dermal fillers available as its main component is Hyaluronic Acid or HA – a naturally occurring skin element that aids in the skin’s water absorption.

As HA is organic to the skin, many experts consider Juvederm safe and a popular choice for patients who want natural looking results that even gets better as it goes.

Reversible Treatment

Juvederm gives you a bit of elbow room as you can reverse the treatment. This can be done by injecting the treated area with Hyaluronidase, a component that breaks down the HA base of the filler. This also makes the decision to get one much easier as you know you can undo it if you need to.

This is why Juvederm remains a popular go-to non-invasive cosmetic surgery in Utah.

Overall, Juvederm is a product that is safe to use and provides lasting results with little downtime post treatment. It simply is the most effective treatment out there.