4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boat Enclosure

Boat with enclosure being transported

Unless you’re one of the purists that insist that a boat should remain as it was designed by the manufacturer, then you’ve probably thought of adding an enclosure to yours. That’s a smart move, for a well-designed enclosure can double boating pleasure. Not only does it protect you from the elements, but also keep your furniture and other fixtures safe. Here are a few features your enclosure should have.

1. Durability

Most boat enclosures last up to eight years, but you can still find some that function without a hitch for much longer than that. The quality of the material is, of course, a huge determinant. Be sure to take good care of the enclosure to add to its life. Buying one of those high-quality custom-fit boat covers is an excellent move too.

2. Visual appeal

Great design means that the lines of your boat’s enclosure perfectly complement those of your vessel. You don’t want one that’s too tall or looks too boxy. Rather, you want something neat and wrinkle-free. Ensure that the top has a crown that efficiently channels away water in case of rains.

3. Functionality

The functionality of every part of your boat is essential, enclosure included. Ensure that there is good ventilation in the structure, as well as drainage. Look at whether it allows for smooth access, especially when you’re navigating heavy traffic areas. Is it easy to close or must you reach over awkwardly?

4. Simplicity

You want a design that doesn’t offer too many complications over time. An enclosure should make your life easier, not tougher. That means it should be simple enough as to blend in with the rest of your boat, offering near invisible functionality.

The design of your boat’s enclosure is crucial. Not only should it be designed to provide protection, but also complement the boat’s lines perfectly.