4 Common Commercial Landscaping Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


There are times when we overdo (or even ignore) commercial landscaping because we see it all the time. However, maintaining it requires help from commercial landscaping services in Philadelphia. Here are a few of the most common problems that property managers encounter when it comes to landscaping maintenance and how to fix them.


One of the most common mistakes people commit to their landscaping is drainage. You need to ensure that it has proper drainage to prevent the site from being flooded or become a mud pit. Excess water can eventually damage the structures near the area, which can be quite expensive to repair.


Although it may seem simple, pruning does a great help to your plants. Pruning trees can help it grow and become more stable. Skipping to prune your trees can lead to a misshapen tree and can make it even more susceptible to diseases.

Installing the wrong vegetation

Putting the wrong shrubs, trees, or even flowers can have a negative effect on your landscape. That’s why it’s essential to choose plants that’ll work well with the property and the design of the landscape.

Having plants that are too close to structures

Keep in mind that plants do grow over time. That’s why planting them too close to structures can be a liability in the future. Aside from that, plants can overgrow in certain areas, which can be a great spot for certain people to hide.

Carefully considering commercial landscape is essential to every business. That’s why it’s highly advisable to work with a company who can help you with the overall planning, design, and even proper commercial grounds care and lawn services. Doing so will ensure that the site will look great no matter what season it may be.