4 Basic Tips on Properly Maintaining Heavy-Duty Machines

Scene inside a machine shop

An automatic carton packing machine is a great tool to increase your company’s efficiency, especially when it comes to production. It’s crucial to know how to properly maintain these types of equipment to ensure that their always in good working order.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain large pieces of packing equipment.

Always be up to date with large machinery operator training

Everyone should always be on top of machinery operator training. Doing so will ensure that everyone is properly calibrated with the most recent updates when it comes to correctly operating the equipment. Ensure that each site knows the recent updates, so everyone will know what to do if it breaks down.

Check for any signs of wearing

See if there are any signs of friction or vibrations coming from the gears. There might be some belts and gears that are out of their alignment. Keep in mind that belts may begin to warp as years go by. So, it’s important to check your machine from time to time.

Always schedule maintenance and repair check

Some of the parts that you need to inspect regularly are tires, fluids, tracks and even electrical systems. Power transmission often contains various moving parts that need to be in top condition all the time. You must also see if the materials, gaskets, and seals need to get replaced.

Ensure that the space inside the packaging machine is clean

You could use an air nozzle in a low-pressure setting to remove any loose particles that’s inside the machine during production. It’s also advisable to wipe all the slides and the guides with mineral oil.

These are just a few easy steps to maintain your machine properly. Keep in mind that doing preventive maintenance tasks will ensure that your machine will perform in top condition.