3 Things You Should Have in Your Utah Business Website

Designing a Great Mobile Interface

Utah businesses don’t have to look far for customers. Despite the slight dip, the Utah consumers index remains above 110, which means they find the local economy favorable. They are confident to spend their hard-earned money.

The question is, is your business ready to market locally? If you’re using a website to market your products and services, then you better make sure you have the following:

1. Great Mobile Interface

Unless you’ve been living under the rock over the past five years, then you should by now realize people are doing shopping online, but what you may not know is they’re doing the same thing now on their mobile phones.

According to Go Globe, 50 percent of consumers who searches for a local store are more likely to visit it within the day while 18 percent of mobile searches convert to sales before the day ends.

2. Local Address

Add a map to your website quickly. Half of those who use their mobile devices for shopping tend to search for a local address as well. Use tools such as Google Maps to help your leads find you quickly and accurately.

3. Click to Call

In a survey conducted among mobile users and shoppers, they seem to do two things before they even visit a store and make a purchase: get the directions and click to call. These days, many apps will help your customers contact you from mobile to landline. Even Skype can already do that.

It’s not enough you have a website. Maximize it by making it more local-centric. If you don’t know how to work on these features, call a Utah web design team that specializes in local SEO marketing. These are people who know not only SEO but also consumer behavior. This way, your chances of converting leads to customers are high due to a pleasant website experience.