3 Things That Can Help You Maintain Child Custody

an adult and a child hand holding family cut-out

Based on a study, approximately 13.4 million parents were living with 22.1 million children while their spouses lived elsewhere. It is a sad reality that over a quarter of all children, at 26.6 percent, in the U.S. was living with only one of their parents. Moreover, about 17.5 percent of all American custodial parents were fathers.

If you are currently fighting for child custody with the help of a lawyer like burnhamlaw.com in Denver, here are three things that can help you.

You have to be willing to work with your ex-spouse.

If you are going through a child custody negotiation, you have to be willing to work with your ex-partner no matter how awful it can be. Do this for the sake of your children. If you’re afraid that your ex-spouse may present you in a bad light in front of your children, you can request for an in-house evaluation of child custody. If you are granted parental rights, take advantage of it and be present in your children’s lives.

You have to present proper documentation to state a case.

If you suspect that your ex-spouse could be potentially dangerous to your children, you have to present proper documentation to state your case. For instance, if your ex-spouse has a history of physical abuse, document the interactions carefully to support your claim. Just be aware that the other party could be thinking the same way, so you have to act accordingly, especially in front of your children.

You have to be honest.

Now, you must not make up negative stories or plant evidence of physical abuse and other forms of it just to win a child custody case. Being honest also means not exaggerating any shortcomings of your ex-spouse. Remember, everything you say or do can be used against you in court.

Fighting for child custody could be the collateral damage of a nasty divorce. Unfortunately, as much as you want to free yourself of your ex-spouse and move on, this can be difficult if you have children. Keep these things in mind if you’re going through child custody.