3 Reasons That Spouses Cite When Seeking a Divorce

Top Reasons Couples File for Divorce in Provo

Some of the reasons couples get a divorce may surprise you. Simple as the causes may seem, they have the tendency of developing into issues that could make spouses choose to separate.

Admit it; you would not want to go through a messy divorce if you can help it. You know how draining a divorce litigation can be and worse, accusations can fly back and forth causing greater embarrassment than the proceedings itself. Deep family secrets can easily come out into the open, which can further add shame.

However, Huffington Post also revealed that there are instances where getting divorced is the only option. What are these?

You Realized You Got Hitched for the Wrong Reason

This, by far, is the winner, hands down, if you rank the reasons why spouses seek a divorce. Getting hitched because you believe or expected your spouse to be what you envisioned them is a surefire path to doom. This could bring forth a stream of he-thoughts and she-thoughts, beginning with thinking he would be her Mr. Right, while he thought she would be his cheerleader. As it turned out, he’s “Always” Mr. Right while she likes to play offensive tackle.

You’re Developing A Codependent Relationship

This behavior is where you or your spouse always seeks each other’s approval for self-esteem and individuality. If you have seen the movie “Coming to America,” there’s a scene where the prince asks his wife-to-be what food or music she likes and she answered “whatever you like.” In a codependent relationship, either spouse would desire to like whatever thing the other likes. While it may appear adorable at the outset, it could lead to your relationship’s downfall and eventual divorce.

You Have Irreconcilable Differences

While it is normal for couples to disagree about a subject, it becomes serious when you argue about the same topic every day until it becomes a thick wall that separates you. Since either of you find no reason to yield, this can plant resentment in your hearts until the only solution both of you see is to separate. To avoid this situation, you might want to establish some rules so the two of you can have a polite argument without losing respect for each other.

Before making that decision to file for a divorce, you might first want to find ways to make it work. However, if you believe the only option is divorce, then you might want to seek legal advice on how to go about the process. It can help you better prepare for any eventuality that might otherwise be unexpected.