3 Practical Hacks to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse Management

Running and maintaining a warehouse is not easy. It’s a huge space with a lot of moving parts – it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

The truth is, if you want to successfully run a warehouse, you need to be quite meticulous when it comes to organisation and efficiency. Amazon has one of the biggest warehouses in the world and they have hundreds of custodians manning that place. It’s easy to neglect several aspects when you’re trying to do everything right.

Here are three things you need to absolutely focus on:

Choose the right storage type

Whether it’s pallet racking, industrial parts shelving or even using wire racks, having the right storage systems in place will save you plenty of headaches. If you’ve identified that your current system is not very efficient, don’t be afraid to make the initial investment of switching over to a more streamlined one. Make sure you understand how better storage is cost-effective in the long run.

Start recycling

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a mantra that applies to warehouse management as well. Taking these three Rs to heart will help you better run your business and your warehouse in particular.

Recycling bins around the warehouse is an easy fix – one that will impact your operations positively. The challenge begins with educating your employees as to what items are recyclable and what are not. Using visual guides above the bins will help!

Review your warehouse design

The way storage and areas are laid out in your warehouse will greatly impact your efficiency. Review the walkways and passages if they fit your current workflow. Survey employees if they are encountering blockers in terms of the fluidity of getting their daily tasks done. From their feedback and your evaluation, review your current plan and revise as needed.

Improving warehouse efficiency is a top concern for business owners. Apply these tricks and see efficiency improve – ultimately driving more revenue.