3 Investment Ideas You Never Thought About

Investing in Hammond

You have a sizable amount of money lying around. You’re sick of it just whittling away instead of growing. It’s time to put your thinking cap on and come up with some investment ideas.

But, wait — you don’t have any! All you think of seems to be already saturated or is bound to not work. People already attempted some of your ideas and failed miserably. These days when everyone wants to be an entrepreneur it’s tough to come up with unique ideas.

Here are some uncommon business ideas you might want to consider!


Mobile homes

Cheap housing is a great investment these days. With people always looking to cut costs and find a more practical way to live, mobile homes are losing their stigma and are now seen as an option for the penny-wise. Lane Thomas Housing suggests that with the money you have saved, you can buy single wide homes in Hammond, Louisiana and advertise them through flyers or social media. There is always a market for affordable rentals, and you just happen to be on the lookout for a business idea during an opportune time.


Cleaning service

Cleaning services have high demand — but it seems like not a lot of people go into it as a business. There are so many possibilities that will open up for you if you decide to start this business. You can either focus on corporate accounts and only clean offices. You can also make it a subscription model and have residences and buildings on a monthly retainer where your team visits their site once a week or so. The most important component of a cleaning service is getting very skilled workers. The money you have should be invested in equipment and a safety fund to ensure your employees’ pay in case of a lean month.


Furniture flipping

Are you crafty and handy? Furniture flipping might be the business idea you’ve been looking for. Flipping entails going around town, checking out flea markets and garage sales, and scouring Craigslist for that next furniture find. The whole business revolves around taking an old piece of furniture and repurposing or just fixing it up to be sold at a higher price. Most old pieces of furniture are sold at giveaway prices so your ability to put a significant markup is where you’ll profit.


When it comes to business, you have to be very creative. You want to go to an underserved market and provide a creative solution. Choose one of these and get the ball rolling now!