3 Incredibly Cool Things to Do in Tel Aviv

Israel’s most modern city draws visitors for its sandy beaches, vibrant street markets, Bauhaus architectural masterpieces, and serious gourmet treats. The tiny museums, cutesy shops, well-preserved art galleries, and resurrected restaurants offer an interesting glimpse of Israel’s illustrious past with its evolving identity. Here are some of the best things to do in Tel Aviv:

Visiting the Yemenite Quarter

One of Tel Aviv’s most well-rooted and ethnic neighborhoods, Yemenite has withstood modernization with its 20th-century architecture, packed streets, and haggler’s paradise—Carmel Market. The neighborhood features striking heritage structures, pleasant old worldly streets, and food stalls selling generously portioned local delicacies. You can check out the market’s daily fresh produce, as well. Cruise Lady recommends taking an LDS Israel tour with a tour company to enjoy the charms of Yemenite Quarter and its nearby destinations.

Walking Along the Jaffa Port

Witness the beauty of a thriving Arab port city with a walk down Jaffa’s cobbled streets. The deftly preserved stone architecture and vibrant bazaar area is rich in open-air cafes, fine dining restaurants, and artisan shops. It gets particularly energetic at sundown when streets are thronged by diners and souk shoppers. Visit St. Peters’ Monastery, Jaffa’s Old Port region, and the iconic flea market to discover what it has to offer.

Beach Hopping

Tel Aviv is primarily defined by its sultry beaches that appeal to visitors and locals. On weekends, you can witness sunbathers and happy beachgoers on the stretches of the popular Frishman Beach and Gordon Beach. If you’re after good facilities like renting sun loungers, showers, and chic cafes, Banana Beach is the place.

Tel Aviv is a historic city that has interestingly woven a modern element around its glorious past. It is stylish, features a buzzing nightlife and is full of beach strips, old city quarters, and a charming erstwhile port.