3 Good Reasons to Care for Your Teeth

Based on a shocking New York Post article, three out of 10 Millennials only clean their teeth once a day. Not only that, some 22% percent don’t make time for the dentist because they’re not too fond of both the experience and products used. Not at all a good trend to be starting.

The daily care for the teeth is a three-step three-minute process, which should be repeated at least two to three times a day. You should floss to address plaque buildup between teeth, brush thoroughly using fluoride toothpaste, and gargle with mouthwash for about a minute or longer.

Don’t ignore your teeth. Here are some reasons to pay attention to your oral hygiene:

1. Making a good impression.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful smile and a fresh breath to make a lasting positive impression. If you brush just once a day, it won’t be long before your social circle realizes that your oral care habits could use an improvement. This is not the impression you would like to leave behind.

2. Saving on costly dental repairs.

These days, you can get crowns and implants to correct the appearance of your damaged teeth. However, they’re definitely more costly than just taking regular trips to a family dentist in Indianapolis every six months.

3. Avoiding the repercussions of tooth decay.

When a tooth hurts, it feels like everything hurts. You’ll have trouble chewing and swallowing, and will have to get by on pain relievers. Never mind the pain and the aesthetics; tooth decay can also cause infections that can travel all the way to other parts of the body like the brain, sinus, and heart. An abscessed tooth also causes swollen neck glands, gum sores, and foul-smelling breath. When the infection spreads to the gums, your jaw is also at risk.

Once you make time to properly care for your teeth two to three times a day, you’ll eventually develop the habit. You won’t have to deal with uncomfortable, painful and dangerous tooth decay again.