3 Foundations of Shipping Containers Shelters

container shed

One of the latest trends in shelter solutions is the use of shipping containers. Before getting your container, you must first find out what it was previously used for. Containers used for shipping harsh chemicals, for instance, might be unsuitable for human shelter.

Whether you decide to build container sheds or houses in Australia, a foundation is a must-have. Here are the different types of foundations you can pick for your shipping container:

Pier Foundations

These are shallow foundations and among the cheapest and simplest. An advantage of this foundation is its ability to allow ventilation and prevent condensation under your container as the container is off the ground. Most containers need six concrete piers for their foundation. These include two at either side of the centre and four on the corners.

Raft Foundations

A raft foundation is also known as a slab-on-grade. It is more costly and time-consuming compared to pier foundations. However, it is ideal for areas with soft soil and warm environments. Raft foundations are also less prone to termite infestation since they have no hollow spaces. Their downside is that they inhibit access to utility lines after the concrete has dried.

Pile Foundations

This is the most expensive type but is the best choice for soil types which are too weak to support concrete bases. Piles are cylindrical steel tubes hammered into the soil till they reach an appropriate load bearing ground. When they are in place, the piles then get capped with concrete blocks.

A geotechnical engineer will be the one to assess what foundation type you should go with. While you may lay pier and raft foundations as DIY projects, pile foundations need expert construction. These containers are a great choice even just for their durability alone.