3 Compelling Reasons to Hire Professional Tree Arborists

Many people overlook the need to hire professional to tend to the needs of their trees, preferring to hire cheap unskilled labour. The article highlights some crucial mistakes that people make while pruning their trees.

Most people fail to understand that it takes a certain skill set to keep trees well maintained and looking good. As such, they tend to hire anyone who comes along with a chainsaw to trim their trees.

While they might get lucky and get it right, such individuals often employ a trial and error approach when pruning your trees. Never mind that they use your precious trees to perfect their skills, you pay them for the privilege of experimenting on your trees.

By failing to hire credible tree surgeons in Bromley, you risk having someone make critical mistakes while pruning your precious trees.


Also known as crepe murder, topping is a cardinal tree maintenance mistake common with handymen. It involves cutting away a significant portion of a tree’s crown to limit the height or falsely believing that you can increase blooms. As such, topping is a sure way of ruining the aesthetic appeal of a tree, weakening the branch structures and exposing your tree to pest and diseases.

Wrong Timing

More than just cutting away the overgrowth, pruning a tree calls for considerable thought and planning. Certified arborists have an exceptional biological knowledge and as such, get the timing just right.

For instance, you should not prune deciduous trees in autumn and winter since they heal quicker. Similarly, you should prune tree species prone to silver leaf disease between April and July. Professional arborists consider these factors before taking a chainsaw to any tree in you compound.

Over Pruning

For the best results, you should never prune more than 20 percent of a mature tree’s foliage. In fact, plant scientists recommend less than 10 percent. By removing too much of the foliage, you put the tree at the risk of malnourishment and interfere with the structural integrity of the branches.

It takes more than being handy with a chain saw to keep your trees well-trimmed and looking good.