3 Amazing Tricks to Get a Fabulous Home Manicure

A set of manicured nails can go a long way in making a statement about your grooming habits. It shows off your glamorous side and adds persona to your overall look. Although sometimes, you may not have the time to visit a salon yet there’s still a pressing need to look presentable. How can you do that? You do it yourself.

Whether you’re buying your nail polish online or through a local shop, you can paint your nails the way you want to. Here are some DIY home manicure tips to help you sport killer nails:

Cut and Shape Nails

Once you’re done removing your old polish with acetone, get ready to shape your nails before prepping them up. Use nail clippers and make sure that you don’t trim them too short to do away with the precious white tip. Use the nail file to round up the rough edges and give them a smooth and even finish. Avoid filing the nails too short; simply tidy up the roughness.

Soaking Your Nails in Warm Water

Soak your hands completely in a bowl of warm water treated with a gentle soap. This allows you to get rid of dead skin particles and dirt from the nails. This is a great way to relax tired fingers, as well. Soaking before getting rid of the cuticles helps make the cuticle removing process easier. Remember, not to soak your hands for too long to avoid skin damage. About two to three minutes should be ideal.

Cuticle Removal

Apply a cuticle cream once your nails have dried. Don’t even cut the cuticles or tear it apart by following this step harshly. Be gentle and merely push the cuticles. Any damage to the cuticles can impede the growth of your nails or wear out the cuticles. Avoid cutting the nail or cutting the skin. You can apply a hand lotion to massage your hands afterwards.

A DIY home manicure can be easily done with a few tools and steps. Once you’re done, apply a nice coat of nail polish to make your nails look spectacular.